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Windows 11 Making it Insanely Tough to Switch between Browsers

Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO, made an announcement earlier this year that Windows 11 intended to provide the most choice. On the other hand, the latest review tells otherwise. The company is altering the method app defaults are fixed in Windows in a manner that has sparked denunciation from browser makers, right after it became clear that Microsoft is efficiently obscuring browser choice.

From the time of the launch of the Company’s Edge browser based on Chromium, the company has been making efforts to sell it to users of Windows 10 via numerous methods. After a massive Windows update, the company has fixed it as the default after receiving tips on how to make a witch between browsers and also pushed full-screen ads in the extraordinary practice when you install a new Windows 10 P.

When the Redmond giant made an announcement of Windows 11, it made a pretty promising first impression, but it didn’t last long. Eventually, the company explained one must have TPM to run it, and the users of Windows 10 will have to wait for next year to get a free upgrade. Then it rapidly became obvious that a relatively new CPU is required to run it, a need that may or may not be unperturbed after release.

Microsoft is altering the default setting in Windows 11 to the mark where one will have to be very careful, or there are chances that you may miss the lone chance to shift to another web browser. Just after deploying an alternative browser and going to a web link, users are offered the choice to select the desired browser and a box ordering Windows to use this app all the time.

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