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William Shatner Celebrates his Birthday by Turning to AI Videos.

The Star Trek Legend, William Shatner turned 90 on Tuesday,  celebrated his birthday in a quirky style. On such a glorified occasion, he collaborated with Los Angeles tech Company StoryFile to get featured in an interactive AI-powered video of himself. “This is for all my children and all my children’s children and all my children’s loved ones and all the loved ones of the loved ones,” Shatner said in a statement. “That’s my gift to you down through time.”

How would the video work through an AI-interface? The video system works by filming a person speaking and then processing the footage through StoryLife’s artificial intelligence. Shatner is the premier personality of StoryFile life, which is expected to launch in June. The technology is compatible with all the latest updated devices including VR/AR, 3D, and alternative platforms.

In a statement to media outlets, StoryLife’s CEO Heather Maio-Smith clarified that the project is “neither an avatar nor a deepfake.” Instead, it is a controversial story of William Shatner answering inquiries about life and his professional growth. StoryFile expects to complete all the editing and finalizing procedures in May.  StoryFile is a company that inculcates a person’s story to a new level by processing it through AI-interface.

William Shatner also tweeted on his birthday to thank fans across the world for overwhelming support throughout his tough times. William Shatner got enticed by the Los Angeles-based tech company’s efforts to promote his reputation through an exceptional AI VIDEO. At last of the prolonged tweets, he asserted that he isn’t coming back to reprise the Star Trek property, and has figured out a way to live long and prosper his life to an unimaginable level.

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