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What Happens to Social Media Accounts of Deceased Users

Many people around the world plan for the day when they leave this world, whether it is drafting out a will or even making their own memorial arrangements. But what happens to those accounts of people who suddenly expire?

Current estimations have shown that over 80% of all Americans, young or old, all have some type of Social Media profile, whether from Facebook to Twitter or from Instagram to Tik Tok. “However, when you’re gone, your social media is still there”, said Bill Gardner, who is the assistant professor at the Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.There are ways to report one’s death digitally. For example, Facebook has a setting that enables to assign a “legacy contact” who gains control of the user’s page or profile or removes it completely after the user passes away.

Well, it is obvious that not everyone would take that last step. Dr. Jason Newsome, a counselor, spoke about this and said, “When we lose a loved one, we really do try to maintain some attachment to them”.Newsome further adds that connecting with our dear ones who have passed away through Social Media platforms can be a decent thing.According to the 2019 Oxford University research, by 2100, there would be nearly 5 billion Facebook accounts of deceased people.

People often give out their Social Media information before leaving. It should be taken care of who gets the access as people with bad intentions can then take over their Social Media handles and can send junk mails or all other sorts of messages. So, it is important to leave your digital assets and information with the right people.

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