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What Does Dark Web Look Like?

Contrary to the popular notions that have been popularized in movies, the Dark Web is not an illegal tool that hackers solely use. The  is a group of sites that are not indexed on most search engines.

The Dark Web is a reorganized network of sites on the internet that makes the users as unidentified as possible. It is used for its privacy and anonymity, and it is a subdivision of the deep web, which is not indexed by web search engines.Unlike the deep web,  users need certain unique sorts of software and arrangements to access the Dark Web.

The CIA has its own official Onion website that allows users’ anonymity through Tor – open-source software that enables anonymous browsing and surfing on the net.Duck Duck Go is also a great substitute for internet search engines because it does not track its users.A hidden Wallet is a digital wallet used to carry out Bitcoin transactions with complete anonymity and other crypto-currency exchange transactions.

It is, however, necessary to respect one’s privacy while taking advantage of the benefits of an open web simultaneously. The  offers a layer of anonymity that is required to communicate online.It is also crucial to remember that those who use the Dark Web are required by law to not use it for illegal purposes or other things that might disregard the rights of others.

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