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Wemo Stage Scene Controller Review; A must Buy for the Developers

Belkin’s Wemo line of smart lighting products is generally platformed skeptical, according to a report retracted from the company. They run through the specified Wi-Fi network and can be handled by Android or iOS devices. Unlike others in Belkin’s Wemo Line of products, Wemo Stage Scene Controller comes with an individual diagnosis and is not agnostic.

It is different in the sense as it’s a powerful remote control system designed exclusively for smart homes based on Apple’s HomeKit platform. It is more complex as if you are technically equipped with knowledge of Apple’s ecosystem, you’ll dig it, otherwise, it will be useless to you. Belkin’s Wemo Line is looking to revamp the present state to form a more advanced controller for connecting and communicating to the smart home.

The Wemo Stage Scene uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with a Homepod speaker. Its interoperability is independent of other devices’ working as it can control any HomeKit compatibility device by the scruff of its own genesis. If you want to control older Wemo devices, you’ll also need the $40 Wemo Bridge (newer products are already HomeKit compatible, although they don’t support Thread; neither does the bridge, for that matter).

Belkin says that the  Stage is Launch Ready, which means that the recent or the forthcoming update will get integrated soon and enable to operate on a Thread network instead of another complex situation. And that’s why it is also veiled by the name of Thread Ready. As the current perplexion suggests, the remote dependency on Bluetooth LE’s reference presents an immaculate range issue that could only get mitigated through the elongation of home hub setups sprinkled around your home. Wemo Stage could be leading the pack if all things go as planned.

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