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WeChat Has Reached 180 Million Active Users at Corporate Communication Tool

Huang Tieming, Vice President of WeiXin Group (WXG), disclosed the newest data for WeCom, the enterprise version of WeChat, during a new product launch conference on Tuesday. According to Huang, there are 180 million active users, 10 million legitimate businesses and organisations, and 500 million  users that use WeCom corporate services. WeCom version 4.0 was also released at the same time, with a slew of new features.

The increased interconnectability of WeCom and WeChat Video Channels, as well as improved customer support, are among the new features. Tencent Docs and VooV Meeting are also integrated in the latest version. WeChat Video Channel, a live-streaming e-commerce platform, grew rapidly in 2021, according to WeCom. Previously, the WeChat Video Channel disclosed that private net transactions accounted for more than half of its live streaming e-commerce traffic.

As a result of the pandemic, the number of people visiting offline retail outlets has plummeted, prompting many brands to offer their products through live commerce. Many consumers have adopted live-streaming as a buying habit. WeCom version 4.0 would reportedly include office productivity tools such as integrated online papers and meetings, which may be utilised not just within businesses, but also in communication and collaboration between upstream and downstream partners and customers.

The new features are the result of the firm’s study. The connected online papers will also improve multi-person communication. Customers can be invited to collaborate on the same document whether or not they utilise WeCom. The style of collaboration has moved from “sending out document links” to “adding people in.” WeCom, Tencent Docs, and VooV Meeting have all grown since Tencent introduced its Industrial Internet Strategy in 2018.

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