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Walt Disney World Launches Advanced Digital Assistants

As a part of its 50th anniversary, the Walt Disney World has launched a next generation digital assistants, the technology device to help visitors enhance their stay at the resort. The resort has launched MagicBand+. It is an upgraded version of its wearable device MagicBand .

With the upgraded version, the visitors after wearing the device can give haptic feedbacks. The device has color-changing lights and gesture  recognition system. The magicband is operable across any location of the resort. The band is also equipped with payment system, park ticket, and will work as key to lock or unlock the rooms.

The magicband is available at discount price to the annual passholders and guests of the Disney World hotel. The services of the magicband extend upto mobile devices through World’s My Experience app. Price and other specific details of the magicband are yet to be revealed.In 2022, Walt Disney World is coming with Hey, a new digital assistant device that will work with Alexa. The new digital assistant device will be an option device for the visitors. The digital assistant device will also be made available to the users via the Amazon Alexa Skills store.

The digital assistant device will function similar to Alexa. It will answer questions about the resort, rooms, amenities, complimentary services, offer greetings, jokes, along with Alexa enabled services. Walt Disney World will also sell stands for Echo Show 5.  Walt Disney World has announced the new launches as a part of its 50th anniversary.

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