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Voila AI Artist has Become Viral

Creations from Voila AI Artist, an app that popped up out of nowhere have mushroomed across my Facebook feed and proliferated on Instagram and WhatsApp as well. The app starts with a photo of your face and renders it into three different cartoon styles to choose from, complete with shading.

Disney is the adjective that’s popped up most often when friends and coworkers see my avatar. In addition to the cartoon rendering, users can see themselves from the eyes of Renaissance painters and create a caricature of your mug. Voila AI Artist is free for iPhone and Android, with a premium ad-free option as well.

At any rate, it took less than five minutes to download the app and make my first cartoon grid. Although the app’s parent company says it will delete your photos 24 to 48 hours after the photo was last used by the app, it does collect personally identifying information about the users, phone and users activity online.It then shares that personal data with third-party partners and advertisers in countries outside your own, including advertisers that may track your activity across the web. The app also discloses your personal information to any of its sibling companies, affiliates or subcontractors.

When users use the free version of the App, they work with advertising partners to display advertisements within the App. These advertisements are delivered by our advertising partners and may be targeted based on your use of the App or your activity elsewhere online.The app is pretty simple to use. It allows you to select a photo from your photo library or to take one directly from the app. After you choose the photo, it takes only a few seconds of waiting before it turns your picture into a work of art.

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