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Vishay Seized The European Catalog Distributor to Digi-Key. Here’s How:

Digi-Key Electronics, the leading worldwide electronic accessories distributor, received the Catalog Distributor of the year award from Vishay. Vishay, itself is a famed brand across the electronics community better known for its manufacturing of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components.

The award generally recognized the reconciled efforts put in by Digi-Key electronics to push Vishay’s European revenue, growth, customer count, and more to surging heights over the past year. The company hasn’t had a sniff of trouble in contributing to the pent-up demand and that’s why it is getting recognition in the present dynamic environment of electronics.

Why has Vishay been so powerful in the industry over the past few years? It is because of some obvious reasons that have been often neglected by the industry in the midst of dealing with electronic supplies and distribution policies. Vishay offers an unmatched portfolio of discrete semiconductors that is unique as it can be virtually used in all ranges of electronic devices varying from smart homes to smartphones. It also covers vast areas and new age fields to deliver equipment.

It includes the industrial, computing, automotive, consumers, telecommunications, military, and medical markets. The company representatives claim most of its work has been crucial because of the vital role played by the distributors.”The Catalog Distributor of the Year award is a great milestone in our ever-growing relationship and we are especially proud to receive the award for the year 2020,” said Hermann Reiter, senior director, EMEA suppliers, and new market wing for Digi-Key electronics.  He proclaimed that last year has brought many hurdles in our personal vendetta, and other roadblocks on the industrial forefront.

The award is more meaningful for Digi-Key electronics this year as they had not superadded the troublesome period lately, and still are under the cosh of unprecedented trades due to the ever-changing quandary of the pandemic.

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