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Verizon Frontline Deploys New Safety Findings

Verizon Frontline released the findings from new Public Safety Communications Survey on Thursday, November 04. The survey conducted by Lexipol involved responses from over 3,000 active first responders across the United States.The results showcased in the survey project the rising need for interoperability along with network reliability among public professionals. It also reflects the increasing desire to leverage the enhancing technological and communication capabilities that are facilitated by 5G.

The need for secure interoperability among public Safety agencies is accelerating with most of the first responders highlighting the need for coordination among agencies. Some of them also suggest that ability to communicate beyond agencies irrespective of the network or device is critical. Smartphones are rapidly proliferating technologies, penetrating across various utilitarian aspects. As of now, smartphones have gone mainstream effectively replacing the existing land mobile radio systems (LMR) which were originally used for daily communications.

Personal communication devices are observed by the first responders as the most significant area with lucrative scope for technological improvement. 20 years of technological efforts across all public Safety agencies is followed by the vital use of data for situational awareness and network reliability.

Active first responders believe that the trends inclining towards significant smartphone usage and emergence of technologies such as IOT-based devices, automated vehicles, drones and tablets could underpin the need for high Safety standards.5G is likely to amplify realizing that all the first responders are aware of technology upgradation however only 40% are fully versed of the technical understanding.

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