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US Agencies Provided With New Guidelines to be Followed for Securing Communication Devices During Abroad Travel

The interagency has released new Guidelines for protecting government mobile devices from cyber threat and other security breaches when they travel in foreign countries with an aim to address growing mobile related cyber security challenges. The International Travel Guidelines for Government Furnished Mobile Devices raised security concerns for the mobile devices when travelling abroad and good practices for protecting the devices against security threat.

International travel and domestic travel is gaining momentum post pandemic. FMG few days before had wrote in a blog post that GFE mobile devices will help government employees work productively during foreign as well as domestic travel. The GFE will help them access work databases and connect to office enterprise networks.

However, FMD stressed the importance on security concerns. It stressed that there may be risks for the government employees’ mobile devices  which are used to access online data or databases from the enterprises and said that the employees should be aware of such activities.The document that contains Guidelines for the employees will be open for public comments by end of December. Chief Information Officers lead the FMG.

Additionally, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), General Services Administration (GSA), and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) leaders co-chair the FMG.The FMG stressed the rising security concerns during covid on the government employee who were working remotely. The government during covid had transitioned to remote working and employees handled the work remotely.

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