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uBreakiFix phone, Electronic Company Expands its Services in South Fargo

uBreakiFix electronic company opened its repair shop in South Fargo, and the district manager provided significant details about it. The store opened on April 1, is one of the six-cell phone and electronic repair shops in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin owned by Rochester, Minn., Businessman James Gorecki. Steve Carlton, the district manager asserted that the company is preferably providing Home+tech support and insurance for distinctive home electronics.

“We repair everything with a power button. That’s the easiest way to put it,” Carlton was observed saying after the store launched in South Fargo. “Anything from cell phones l, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, laptops. We’ll take a look at anything, we have a hoverboard here.”

uBreakiFix was inaugurated as a conglomerate back in 2009, offering affordable, high-quality phone repair. The company later shifted its pathway towards a brick-and-mortar model, which has gone well past the electronics era. Initially, the company started as an internet-based repair and maintained high-level quality assurance to its customers. The franchising idea became a revolutionary change in the company’s broadway vision, and 2013 was one of the best years in the company’s sales history. It currently operates as a large entity operating more than 600 locations across the United States and Canada.

Carlton said the waiver in South Fargo could work wonders if regular updates and maintenance are provided by the company’s representatives. It should be the perfect fit for the company. The Company’s conception idea has always been to open stores in growing towns, cool areas, and good markets as it attracts a high range of customers across the states as there is an emerging need for repair business. Electronics generally become discrete after some time but people generally resort to repairing rather than buying a new and latest upgraded version of the device.

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