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U.S. Commerce Secretary to Take Immediate on Chip Shortage

The US Commerce chief announced that it is time to take aggressive action on chip shortages. Few months earlier, the US senate has approved a bill of $52 billion for boosting the production of semiconductors. However, that did not help much and caused to chip shortages forcing the automaker to halt the production. It also badly impacted the US workers.

As a result, the US Commerce department has issued a voluntary request seeking information on chip to the industry.Regarding the voluntary request, Raimondo the US Commerce chief said that the information on the chip requested from the industry is necessary to transparency which will allow identifying problems and then predict challenges.

She warned that if the firms in the industry will not give the information, the department will use other tools that will requires the companies to give the data.In the context of the rising concerns, the White House held virtual meetings on semiconductors. Companies lime Samsung, Intel, Microsoft, Micron, Apple, and many other leaders joined the White House virtual meeting.

The automakers like Toyota Motor and General Motors have slashed the output due to scarce supplies and resurgence of Covid.The Commerce chief sated that though the department takes certain actions, the industry will go through the shortages until next year also. However, she added that there could be some improvements in the next handful of months trying to address the chip shortages and boost supply chain.

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