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Twitter Rebuilt API Developer to Make Spaces Easily Accessible

Twitter updates API V2 to make spaces easily accessible. The company announced on Wednesday that this could make the process of sharing easier.The company has been working to improve Twitter Spaces.

The company on Wednesday announced that all developers using the new Twitter API v2 will be able to look up live or scheduled Spaces using criteria like Spaces ID, user ID, or keyword. This sounds like it means that a developer can use that information to point you to a Space from within their app. This doesn’t mean that developers will let you listen to or attend Spaces inside their apps, however, it sounds like you’ll still be able to attend a Space on Twitter.

The new features could be tempting for developers to adopt Twitter API v2, which is the company’s rebuilt API that launched in August. The company opted to limit how developers could build upon and integrate it into their services and apps, but the ongoing updates to API v2 seem to signal that is continuing to welcome developers into the fold once again

Twitter will now let users add up to two co-hosts along with including ten additional users to the conversation in Spaces. The co-hosts can manage requests, invite more speakers, remove participants and pin tweets. Earlier in 2021, made it easier to find by adding a dedicated tab for the feature. Spaces are restricted to a small community of testers that are actively providing feedback to improve them.The update also brings added features to the iOS app, including new ‘guest management’ controls and search features for Spaces. The latter feature is available for beta users currently. The new update fixes a few bugs as well to make Spaces more reliable.

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