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Tucson Family Finally Retrieves the Awaited Communication Device.

Emory Webster cried tears of joy when her new Communication Device arrived earlier than expected last year. She was eager for limitless conversations with her friends at her school. Although she has received the device in November 2020, she is still waiting to use it. A lot has gone through in her life as she faced the disability and is still agonizing as most of the people could not understand what she is saying.

Emory can’t utilize her new Communication Device as it didn’t include the equipment mount up to her wheelchair. Adiba Nelson, her mother has sent paper trials to the state bureaucrats expressing her frustration about her daughter’s incompatibility to communicate properly with her acquaintances at school.

“Augmentative and Alternative Communication” equipment, as it’s called, is nothing you can pick up at the hardware store or even order online yourself. Her particular device we are talking about has been customized especially for Emory, and the materials immersively to allow her to use it in isolation are also supposed to be ordered by the state’s Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).

The insurance company and the state who were responsible to provide the device effectively have failed their groundwork, and it has caused dismay for the Tucson family. They have been tossing the responsible back and forth. It has caused viable frustration for Emory. Most of the families’ problems have been resolved, according to a DDD employee. There are slight chances where the families’ equipment gets mixed and they are not able to acquire the right type of equipment at the need of the hour.

Through a general statement, DDD spokesman Brett Bezios referred to the fact that while insurance providers are now handling the conversations with the families, DDD is still responsible for referrals that pre-date January 2021. And DDD employees, like support coordinators, are still responsible for assisting members and guardians with making sure they get the right materials.

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