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Triad Life Sciences Completes a $25M Financing Round and Expects ASX Listing in the Future

It is with great pleasure that we announce the successful conclusion of A$25 million financings round by the innovative US biotech firm Triad Life Sciences Inc (Triad or the Company). In the field of biotechnology, Triad Life Sciences, Inc. focuses on discovering and commercializing new biomaterials that are both effective and cheap for treating complicated surgical and chronic wounds.With money obtained from the convertible note placement, Cannacord Genuity was able to support US sales force growth goals, R&D operations, as well as Triad’s general working capital requirements.

To address unmet clinical requirements in treating complicated surgical wounds, chronic stopped wounds, and burns, Triad is now putting its FDA-cleared technological platform to market. As a result of the company’s exclusive, patent-pending technology, Triad offers new therapeutic options derived from naturally occurring extracellular matrix (ECM). A medical device, the InnovaMatrix Advanced Care Placental ECM offers a unique, unequaled solution to the issues connected with the utilization of human cell and tissue products, according to the manufacturer.

With InnovaMatrix, Triad’s placental platform technology, 510(k) FDA approval has been achieved for the first time in the world, setting new standards for product quality, innovation, and cost. Because it has a significant foothold in the US wound care sector, Triad is well-positioned to compete and establish a dominant position in the US$1.4 billion placental wound care market.

“Australian investors have been very supportive, and we’re looking forward to working towards an ASX listing in the near future”, said Olsen, CEO. Triad would use the money generated to expand its salesforce and develop new products, giving patients, providers, and doctor’s access to Innovamatrix, a technology platform that improves the quality of life.

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