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Tik-Tok App Experiencing Extensive Outrage

Tik-Tok, owned by the Chinese internet giant, ByteDance, recently experienced major technical glitches. As a result, the videos were not playing for many users across the United States on Tuesday. Therefore, people familiar with the event concluded it to be an extensive technical glitch that lasted for over an hour.

Problematic reports for the app started to come up at about 3:45 pm ET on Tuesday, according to the monitoring site DownDetector. Most of the users (70%) reported the issues which were related to the videos not loading, according to the site.

Another 25% of the users said they had problems logging in and 5% of the issues were reported related to uploading videos.Tik-Tok support account on Twitter had confirmed the existence of the problems in a tweet but did not make any information available related to the cause.The account tweeted at 4:28 pm ET that the Tik-Tok app is currently experiencing some issues, and the team was working on the same.

Last week, Tik-Tok announced that it would expand the maximum length of the videos for its users, making it to 3 minutes from just 60 seconds. The feature to share longer videos is supposed to be available in a few weeks.With Tik-Tok not working, the unhappy users took to other social media platforms to vent and joke about this situation, as is every so often when a popular app goes down.

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