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The Metaverse is Coming; AI is Having A Huge Role in It.

The AI-based Metaverse is already playing out with the massively popular online games like Fortnite and Minecraft, where users create richly imagined virtual worlds.  It’s not surprising that a colossal company earning billions of dollars a year making the chips that powers today’s hyperrealistic video games have a business plan inspired by science-fiction novels. Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, the nation’s most valuable semiconductor company, with a stock price of $645 a share and a market cap of $400 billion, is out to create the Metaverse, what Huang describes as “a virtual world that is a digital twin of ours.

Now the concept is getting extensive coverage and is being put into context by gaming companies like Nvidia. BMW, in collaboration with Nvidia, is using a virtual digital twin of a factory in Regensburg, Germany to virtually plan new enforcements before deploying the changes in real-time in their physical factories.

From their role in the gaming industry, Nvidia chips are an important component of many of the world’s largest computers that powers AI, drug discovery, and the coming generation of automation vehicles. Huang, CEO of Nvidia joined TIME to talk about the global chip shortage, the future of the car industry, and his belief in the goodness of human nature.

He further said that the AI-based Metaverse is a watershed moment for the world. Companies around the world are in a process of automating intelligence so that they can augment their setup. “The thing that’s really cool is that AI is software that writes itself, and it writes software that no humans can. It’s incredibly complex. And we can automate intelligence to operate at the speed of light, and because of computers, we can automate intelligence and scale it out globally instantaneously,” said the CEO when asked about the latest iteration of AI as the Modern Big Bang.

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