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The Annoying Screw Used to Attach the Stand in PS5 Units Replaced

Some people in Australia have discovered new PS5 Units for sale in retailers. But don’t get too worked up. Larger hard drives and more powerful technology aren’t included in these current console models. Instead, it appears that these new updates only make a few tiny modifications, such as replacing a single screw. These new PS5 Units arrived in Australia last week, according to Australian gaming publication Press Start.

According to Press Start, Australia is expected to be the first country to receive shipments of the new models. These new consoles have a somewhat different model numbering structure, with CFI-11XX being the model number. These consoles look to be almost identical in appearance. A new screw is used to attach the PS5 Units to its stand, which is a minor alteration. This screw could previously only be tightened or loosened with a tool.

Now that the little screw has been replaced, you can complete the task entirely by hand. What an incredible time to be alive. This minor modification makes perfect sense to me. Because of its unique shape and the fussy screw, installing the stand on my PS5 was a pain in the neck. Maybe this new and improved screw will make a slight difference in your quality of life. These updated machines, which are available in both digital and disc versions, look to weigh around 10 oz. or 300 gm lighter than the original PS5 consoles.

There isn’t a lot of information out there right now regarding what is and isn’t in these consoles to explain the weight differential. It’s not simply the new screw that’s the problem! Sony has been secretive about the adjustments and hasn’t shared any information about them with the public. Sony filed a new wireless communication module for usage in a new PS5 Units back in May. The J20H100 wifi module used in all launch PS5 computers has been replaced by the new module.

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