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T-Mobiles Confirms Data Breach for Million Users 

T-Mobile confirms data breach for more than tens of million current, former or prospective customers information leaked to hackers on Tuesday. In addition, the company shared further details on a data breach it has been investigating since the weekend.

T-Mobile said in the blog posts that the breach affects nearly 7.8 million postpaid subscribers, 850,000 prepaid customers. Nearly 40 million past or prospective customers have applied for credit with the company. The company added that no financial details seem to be exposed. The personal information leaked includes names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and driver’s license numbers.

The company also added that all users should change their PINs to protect their accounts. Even Though there is no evidence, those PINs have been compromised. Account PINs belonging to the 850,000 prepaid customers were compromised. Changing the pin is just a precautionary measure. The company said that two years of free credit monitoring affected customers.The company had 104.8 million customers as of June, acknowledged the data breach on Sunday after U.S.-based digital media outlet Vice reported that a seller had posted on an underground forum offering private data, including social security numbers from a breach at T-Mobile servers.

This data breach is the latest high profile cyberattack as digital thieves are taking advantage of the vulnerable companies due to the work from home policies. Earlier this month, cryptocurrency platform Poly Network lost $610 million in a hack and later offered the hacker or hackers a $500,000 bug bounty. The company also disclosed a breach affecting its own employees’ email accounts in 2020. In 2015, hackers stole personal information belonging to about 15 million wireless customers.

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