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Starbuck Starts its New Café Cashierless 

Starbuck integrating cashierless technology of Amazon has opened its new café in the New York City allowing customers to order through app. They will not need to swipe their card or pay cash payment for their order. revealed that it will open two more cashierless locations in New York next year. This labour-saving technology step was to address the ongoing labour crunch in US that began during the pandemic. US restaurant staffing is 10% lower than required. And, to cover the gap of 10% many companies are deploying Artificial intelligence, robotics, and other technologies. Starbuck has used AI, robotics, and touch screen technologies.

The pandemic forced people to stay indoors and order food online. Thus to keep up, Starbuck sifted its development strategy making new development in its new stores. This allowed customers to order online and pick-up only locations without the need to pay cash or swipe card. At the locations, the customers can see their order status and pickup their orders directly from Starbuck barista. The company through this new pickup location also aims to reduce crowding in its cafes.

The company has partnered with Amazon Go for the cashier-less café. The company will make all the drinks and the items of the chain’s menu available at the new locations in New York City. The location will have same staffing level just without a cashier. Customers can order café through Starbuck app or Amazon app and grab the coffee.

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