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 SouthAsia’s Country Govt. Deploys Iridium PTT for Remote Communications

Iridium Communications announced on Tuesday that the Republic of Indonesia’s Govt. has adopted Push-to-Talk devices to support communication efforts. By deploying 500 Iridium PTT headsets, the Asian Cabinet is now accessing a real-time satellite-developed communicator. It is ideal for communications on the move applications across the country’s diverse island landscapes.

The Government asserted that it followed the role model of the US Administration as their forces have been using Remote communication devices to handle the operations. As the largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia is made up of five major islands and more than 17,500 smaller islands, of which about 6,000 are inhabited. During emergencies, the Indonesian government relies on Search and Rescue missions to its remote islands that might have got demolished or unreliable sources of connectivity becomes a fretful concern.

Iridium service provider supported its implementation by providing the Indonesian government with customized Icom IC-SAT100 PTT devices. The IC-SAT100 is a compact, user-friendly radio which instills military ruggedness. The prominent feature of the intelligence device is that it accesses high audio speakers that help the communications to be heard with clarity.

“The small, lightweight, and high-performing IC-SAT100 PTT device is the ideal tool for keeping dispatched personnel connected beyond the reach of traditional LMR networks,” says Bryan Hartin, executive vice president of sales and marketing,. provides the government with a terrestrial network to work with which has been found missing in the disaster-affected areas. The connectivity bandwidth is so immense that it can ensure connectivity even in remote locations, which generally have less propensity for satellite communication.  It is a big step for Iridium communications to be able to integrate its authority in the Government’s ranks. It is also ensuring swift deployments to the field with the best of services.

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