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Source Technology Instrumental for Wearable Devices, Eliminates Recharging

Despite the constant development and commercialization of Wearable Electronic Devices, such as smart bands, progress has been curbed due to various factors. One of the confining factors being the burden of Recharging. However, a new technology developed by a South Korean research team has become a circulating pump, as it shows potential to overcome the limitation of recharging in wearable electronic devices.

The research team led by Director Jin-Sang Kim of the JeonBuk Institute of Advanced Composite Materials has developed a high-efficiency flexible thermoelectric device that is capable of autonomously generating some of the electricity required for its operation on the smart bands.Thermoelectric devices are capable of differentiating the temperature between the two ends of the devices and uses this hypothesis in charging the devices. The devices have been used as eco-friendly generators of power from sources such as vehicle engine heat.

When such a device gets attached to the human body, an electrical supply could autonomously be generated. And in such a case, it potentially could be used as a portable air conditioner.  Considering all the hype, it is now better known why these flexible devices are garnering such keen eyes from the Wearable Electronic Devices market.

The devices that have been developed so far have not been able to perform at a level comparable to the commercial thermoelectric devices. But soon the proposition is changing, as the Korea Institute of Science and Technology announced its involvement in recharging devices.The device holders of the device could easily access the devices by keeping regular updates intact related to source technology. For further information on the hot topic, see the IdtechEx report on Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting and Sensing 2020-2030.

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