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Solana Blockchain US to Undergo Massive AI Transformation

Solana, one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2021 will undergo AI transformation which will help the cryptocurrency reach new milestone in the industry. Cryptocurrency firms are planning to integrate AI technology into the blockchain network to leverage the performance of the cryptocurrency.

 As AI and Blockchain are the rapidly growing technologies across the world and are on the top list of the technology companies, the cryptocurrency companies believe that integrating artificial intelligence into the blockchain will not only improve its performance but will also make financial transactions faster and block fraudulent activities or practices taking place within the system before it hampers the blockchain.

The companies say that integrating artificial intelligence into blockchain can also make the cryotocurrency safer to use and secure application deployment. Most importantly, artificial intelligence can heavily reduce the carbon footprint of the blockchain technology, reduce mining costs, energy savings, and can also make work of the crypto miners automatically. As a result, there has been wider discussion to implement AI into Solana blockchain and make it 100% AI-proof. It can automate the Solana transactions, simplify trading process.

Recent talks of US of making the Solana AI proof is one of the key reasons for its exemplary growth in 2021and expected to reach new highs in 2022. Additionally, along with AI integrations, the Solana is said to undergo several more innovations in next few years.has performed excellently in in 2021   .

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