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Smart Homes can be Powered with the Long Distance Wireless Charging

Technology that can charge smartphones from across the room or through walls is finally available after years of promises, hype, and development. Ossia and Energous, two early adopters of the technology, utilised CES 2022 to demonstrate new products that will keep security cameras, smart doorbells, hearing aids, and other similar devices charged without the usage of wires or charging stations.

Cota, an Ossia-developed Wireless charging technology, will begin appearing in Archos products later this year, according to Ossia Chief Executive Doug Stovall, speaking from the CES show floor in Las Vegas this week. An totally Wireless security camera, an air monitoring sensor, and a pet tracker with Cota will be available in stores this year. Stovall mentioned that another Ossia partner, such as significant Scandinavian furniture businesses, is working on commercialising the Cota Electricity Table.

It employs Ossia’s technology to beam power from the ceiling to traditional phone-charging pads. The table could be handy in places like coffee shops, allowing consumers to charge without having to plug in. WattUp charging technology, which also beams juice across a room, was shown by Energous on a variety of gadgets. EarTechnic hearing aids, Gokhale PostureTracker medical monitors, and Williot smart tracking tags are among the goods available. Prices and availability were not disclosed by Energous.

The availability of products based on Ossia and Energous technology demonstrates the advancement of charging systems that do not require a physical connection to a power source. Longer-range Wireless charging technologies, such as Cota and WattUp, transmits radio energy beams to devices that require only a small amount of power and are within a few feet of the transmitter.

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