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Smart Home to be Saved in the Matter’s Plan

The Smart Home should be a logical progression of our living spaces, with better appliances, systems, and experiences. However, it has been difficult, perplexing, and costly thus far. Developers are focusing on getting their devices to operate with three, four, or more different platforms rather than inventing better goods and new features, which has stunted innovation.

Consumers waste far too much time figuring out which products work with which and then debugging those connections before giving up. As a result, Smart Home adoption has been slower than many predicted.

A universal connectivity standard – a fundamental level of common plumbing in our homes for everything to flow through — is what the Smart Home needs, and has needed for a long time. The issue is that there aren’t two or three standards from which to pick. There are a lot of them, and none of them operate well by themselves. Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth have all attempted and failed to become the Smart Home dominant radio technology.

None, however, has acquired enough traction or provided enough flexibility to integrate into every aspect of the Smart Home. This is where Matter enters the picture. Purchase a device, connect it in, and it will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your No matter who manufactured it, set it up with your favourite app and operate it with your preferred voice assistant. This may sound like some far-off utopia, yet matter holds this promise. It’s possible that the simple smart house is just around the bend.

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