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Smart Home Gym Simplified by Tempo

Tempo has gone on a diet, the intelligent home gym that utilizes computer vision to track your workouts and provide real-time instruction. It’s releasing the Move today, a new home training system that foregoes the original’s 42-inch touchscreen with built-in Microsoft Azure Kinect sensors in favor of current TVs and the sensors included in iPhone XS / XR higher. It means the Tempo Move’s setup is smaller than the original Studio’s, but there’s still a lot of gear on board.

The “Core,” as Tempo refers to it, is essentially an iPhone dock that can be connected to a TV through HDMI. A storage unit containing “smart weights,” like plates and dumbbells, is also included in the kit. The Tempo Move isn’t cheap, with a suggested retail price of $495 plus a $39 monthly membership fee, but it’s a lot less expensive than the $2,495 charges for the Studio Starter Package.

The Tempo Move is supposed to be similar to the original Studio in terms of exercise variety. You’ll have access to “thousands” of live and on-demand workout courses, ranging from strength training to HIIT, yoga, and cardio. Computer vision is used to track the intelligent weights and provide form assistance, progress tracking, and activity recommendations.

There’s no evidence of Android support just yet because the system relies on Apple’s TrueDepth camera technology in the iPhone XS / XR and newer (except the iPhone SE). In the future, the business says it will add support for the lidar sensors incorporated inside the iPhone 12 Pro and higher. The Move will be offered for $395 for a limited time only. The Move, according to Tempo, will be released in early December.

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