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Smart Dog Collar Tracks your Dog’s Location Health and Activities

Pet trackers have been around for ages, but Invoxia is looking to shake things up at CES 2022 with a new smart Collar that can also monitor your dog’s vital signs. The intelligent Collar doubles as a GPS and activity tracker for your pup.

Canine fitness trackers rely on a combination of accelerometers and GPS sensors. Invoxia’s approach is a bit different. The company says to monitor vitals like resting respiratory and heart rate, they contacted board-certified veterinary cardiologists to develop deep learning AI that utilizes miniaturized radar sensors — the same type as the Soli radar Google used in its Pixel 4 phones.

The CEO also added that the radars are ideal as they can take readings regardless of how furry your dog is. A radar faces the neck and sends a radio signal, and the hair will not reflect that signal. They also add that it doesn’t matter how much fur or hair there is, the first layer of skin reflects it. So the radar will know the speed and movement of the skin right under the Collar. Those movements are then fed into an algorithm that determines heart and respiratory rate.

Caudron says that the Collar can sit more loosely and comfortably around the dog’s neck. That’s not the case with the smartwatches and fitness trackers humans use, which require a tighter fit and good skin contact to get accurate heart rate readings.

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