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Sky’s the Limit, No Stopping Now! Smart Devices Helping People.

A digital artist, Mohd Sayfullah uses Smart Devices to communicate with people about his art. He is a virtue of the fact that gaining online exposure is the stepping stone towards career growth. He breaks the stereotype every time he meets his audience as he mentions his Instagram art account.A few taps on the Smart Devices summons the male voice into the encrypted voice of the program to speak Sayfullah’s words and say: “My name is Sayfullah. I will be 18 years old. I attend school at Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore, CPAS.”

He is suffering from a rare diagnosis namely spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which impedes uncontrollable upper limb movements. Further, Sayfullah’s speech impairments made him feel a lot of adverse ramifications on his inability to communicate with the audience.Until now, the only real-worthy communication that he can connect to is with his mother. The scenario is staggering when he wants to strike a conversation with his acquaintances or with any random person, his mother and caregiver Mdm Fadillah told news outlets.

One of the utter embarrassing moments of his life was perceived at Jurong Bird Park when Sayfullah was inquired about his name and age. However, he responded, people were not able to comprehend his communication. The invention of the tool became a desperate need of the hour. Often after the conversation lags impotence, his mother has to be the third voice.

Tech Able, an assistive technology center, provides a range of devices to help people with disabilities, working with their clients to find a suitable solution for their needs. A joint initiative by SPD and 5G enable is what lead to Sayfullah reaching the headquarters of Tech Able where they met the clinical head. A robust and vocabulary supercilious tool was build considering Sayfullah’s features and etiquettes.

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