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Sandy Springs Recycling Event to Accept Electronics; Part of their Scheme

A community-wide Recycling Event will accept electronics, paints, sneakers, youth sports equipment, and home medical supplies from 9 am to noon on April 24. Leadership Sandy Springs annual “LSS Recycling Event will be held at the City Springs South Parking Lot, across Mount Vernon Highway from City Springs at 1 Galambos Way.

Residents can get rid of electronics, paints, sneakers, youth sports equipment without getting out of their vehicle. Electronics will be recycled at $20 per carload and the amount generated will be funded for a donation. Special prices will get ascertained by the pound for  LCD and CRT televisions, batteries, printers, media discs, and tapes. All hard drives and devices will be wiped clean.Donations can be paid online in advance or by credit card at the Recycling Event. The new or used liquid plant will be collected for a fee of $2 per quart, pint or spray can. Those who recycle will be presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of taking a socially distanced masked photo with former NFL players from the NFL Players Association at an tent.

The LSS Recycling Event is a colossal event and the parent company is partnering with eWaste/ ePlanet, Atlanta Paint Disposal, in this part of its signature community service event, Volunteer for a Better Sandy Springs, now in its 19th year. It is a big-scale event that the community providers are giving to the public to recycle their products. The staggering aspect of the whole scenario that most of the items can get recycled absolutely free of cost.

While recycling continues, the small groups of VBSS volunteers will be working on the playgrounds at High Point and Lake Forest Elementary schools, on the trails at Morgan Falls and Abernathy Greenway Parks, and in the community garden at the Community Assistance Center (CAC).

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