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Samsung Launches Software Upgrade to Turn Older Galaxy Phones to IoT Devices

Samsung said on Wednesday it had launched new software that will allow and give access to the customers to convert their older Galaxy smartphones to various types of IoT Devices. The new platform called Galaxy Upcycling at Home is an expansion of its Galaxy Upcycling program and is aimed at giving new life to older devices.

Currently being Launches in Beta version, Galaxy Upcycling at Home will be available in South Korea, the UK, and the US. The company asserted that it would research usage firstly in the three countries and support technical verification. After the evaluation gets completed, then only the service will get provided in additional countries at a later time. According to Samsung, the software update provides enhanced sound and light control features by refurbishing built-in sensors of older Galaxy smartphones. Consumers can use the Smart thing labs features on their existing Smartphone App to choose how they want to use their older devices.

The device has an intriguing part where it can get converted into smart home IoT Devices such as a childcare monitor, a pet care solution, or a light sensor. The South Korean tech giant has said that it is aiming to launch the feature in the upcoming weeks as the consumers are going frustrated with the lack of technical know-how about the updates in recent times.

Older devices can also be set up to act as light sensors. They will measure the brightness of a room and automatically turn on the lights or the TV through SmartThings if it becomes Darker and linear than the presumed standard. The update will also unleash battery optimization solutions to minimize battery usage so that the devices can be utilized for long periods of time for these new functions. The new functions would also indulge in a soothing sound with the assistance of an artificial intelligence solution that enhances the device’s ability to distinguish sounds.

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