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Rumors Claim a Fresh new Notch in the MacBook Air

Shortly after an image appeared online purporting to reveal a notch on the M1X MacBook Pro models, another rumor surfaced, claiming that the 2022 MacBook Air would have the similar notch. The successor to the M1 is expected to have a design modification, described as essential cosmetic alterations.

On v2ex, a user known as ‘ty98’ alleges that the design of the MacBook Air will change in 2022. Unfortunately, the new material does not provide an explanation for why Apple would choose this path, but we believe it has to do with more than just a cosmetic update.

The notch on the iPhone X, for example, was introduced in 2017 to fit the TrueDepth camera and other components required to enable Face ID functionality. Perhaps the notch will be introduced to the 2022 MacBook Air to provide the same functionality. Touch ID will be retained to provide consumers with various methods to access their notebooks if we’re lucky. According to the tipster, Apple is reported to be ditching the wedge shape in favor of something better, perhaps a flat-edge design similar to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. Thus the future MacBook Air will appear better than its direct predecessor.

Unfortunately, we may not see the 2022 MacBook Air until early next year, as mass manufacturing is expected to begin in the third quarter, according to a prior report. It’s probable that this phase will take a little longer due to the design and technology modifications, which should make the a highly tempting low-cost alternative to the Pro. The following portable Mac could feature a lighter chassis, a MagSafe charging port, and a handful of USB 4 ports, offering users more options.

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