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Richardson Electronics to Continue the Expansion of Power Management Facilities

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. has expanded its range of heat sinks and related products for thermal management applications by signing a global distribution agreement with Wakefield Thermal Management products. Wakefield Thermal Management has been offering thermal solutions to various enterprises since 1957, ranging from major Fortune 50 corporations to local and medium-sized businesses. Power conversion, information technology, renewable energy, telecommunications, transportation, aerospace/defense, LED lighting, factory automation, consumer, and medical are just a few industries supported.

Thermal extrusions, LED heat sinks, heat frames, and pipes, fans, heat exchangers, coolant distribution units, and liquid cold plates are among the goods produced by Wakefield Thermal. As a result, Wakefield Thermal is one of the few companies that can supply the more complex thermal solutions needed to satisfy the thermal engineering problems of today’s ever-higher electronics packaging densities.

On a global scale, Richardson Electronics provides design-in support, systems integration, prototype design and production, testing, logistics, and aftermarket technical service and repair, among other benefits. Richardson Electronics, Ltd. is a global leader in engineered solutions, power grid, microwave tubes, related consumables, power conversion, RF and microwave components, flat panel detector solutions, diagnostic imaging equipment replacement parts, and customized display solutions.

Alternative energy, healthcare, aviation, broadcast, communications, industrial, marine, medical, military, scientific, and semiconductor markets are among the industries we serve. The company aims to deliver specific technical expertise and “engineered solutions based on our core engineering and production skills.” The company provides solutions and adds value through its global infrastructure by delivering design-in support, systems integration, prototype design and manufacturing, testing, logistics, and aftermarket technical service and repair. Visit for more details.

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