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Revamp in Communication Programs Across Universities in the US

Lake and Land College has instituted a global Communication Programs a few days back, and we are observing some changes in it today. The newly integrated radio/TV program has collaborated together under a new Studies department. The purpose of designing such a program to facilitate students’ pathways success in their specific fields.

“I have discovered so many different job opportunities people have because of a Studies degree,” Salisa Hortenstine Olmsted, division chair Humanities & Communication Studies/English instructor, said. “This is why we want to focus our courses now on COM, so students can recognize this and say ‘Wow, I can do a lot with that quirky stuff, it seems fascinating.’”

The revamp in the technology is hobbling around the university and all speech and radio/TV broadcasting classes are now indicated with a prefix of COM versus the previously compelling SPE. The Communication Studies department believes that there might be a significant advantage of the prefix. It further says that it will decrease the likelihood of misconceptions about content and majors.

The Communication changes are coming with lots of expectations and hopes, whether it stands true on its stance will be known in the upcoming weeks when these changes get instilled.will fly sky-high with new hope and new energy as the new prefix is set to revamp or you can say boost the dynamics of the field of study has become an imperative part of our lives, and as more people occupy their engagements in messaging and contacting more people, we might be able to divulge the effects it has on humanity and other natural surroundings.

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