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Researchers Warn Against Electronic Air Purifiers, Claims it Hazardous

Emerging evidence has swirled over the past few weeks about Electronic Air Purifiers. These electronic air purifiers that are generally resided at our homes, offices, or schools could be doing more harm than good. Portland State University was a part of the study, which reiterated that some kinds of air purifiers might have unintended health consequences. The conscience behind the discovery was that there was smoke from the wildfires that filled the air for days.

“There’s essentially this whole new class of air cleaners out there, for which there is very little test data, that are being aggressively marketed to consumers,” said Elliott Gall, an assistant professor of mechanical and materials engineering at PSU.

The problem is that the number of electronic air purifiers has increased but the data lacks competency as to how well it can work. The new class of air purifiers comes with fewer features for testing data, and most of the time these are sold without particular trials to the consumers. The marketing strategies have converted their approach from the conservative side to becoming aggressive in complying with the consumers to acquire the services.

Elliot Gall teamed up with scientists from both Illinois Tech and Colorado State University to put one to the test. They tested a device introduced by Global Pharma Solutions both in a controlled lab and a Portland-area building. What the results extracted might be out of the consumers’ imagination. It was intriguing and perplexing at the same time.

The device in the testing was unable in addressing the air deterrents that it’s advertised to remove from the space. The device changed the chemistry of the space by introducing it to the ions. It appears that the Electronic Air Purifiers might be able to produce some chemical-by-products, and these were the results of the operation.

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