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Qualcomm is Riding the Low Latency Wave

Latency is one of the major problems of gaming industry. Users gaming through laptop usually use WiFi connection to play multi-player games. Qualcomm to address this problem has inked a deal with Microsoft and aims to deliver a potential solution with Wifi Dual station modules. Qualcomm said that a wifi dual station can reduce the gaming latency for the user of windows 11 devices.

The wifi dual module systems use Qualcomm Dual Band Simultaneous (DBS). The company stated that the new product has incorporated multiple WiFi bands and antennas.High wifi latency time may significantly impact response time of online games. Thus, online gamers use ethernet to get high response time and play without network interruptions. Qualcomm has been working to address this problem with Microsoft.

Together with Microsoft it has introduced Dual Station WiFi in Windows 11 OS. The 4-Stream DBS of Qualcomm are integrated into the system. According to the information regarding the new launch, the company says the wifi Dual station modules help in keeping low latency and reduce the interrupted response which can be accessed by using an ethernet connection.

The company stated that the new product has incorporated multiple WiFi bands and antennas. It uses 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band to reduce the latency issues faced in previous versions of OS.Furthermore, the company stated that the WiFi Dual Band mode is beneficial in other way as well. The performance of the WiFi Dual Band mode will be similar to ethernet cable, stated the company.

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