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Pricey Pro OLED Monitors Price refreshed by LG

LG introduced an OLED-based display for professionals to its list in 2021, and now the company has revealed the UltraFine OLED Pro monitors it plans to release in 2022. While the company’s previous attempt was only available as a $3,999 31.5-inch 4K monitor, the second iteration will feature a 27-inch model. The 32BP95E and 27BP95E both have the precise lighting control you’d expect from an OLED display, but they’re not designed for gaming or even watching TV and movies.

If you’re editing photographs or video, LG’s DisplayHDR 400 True Black technology guarantees that everything looks just as it should. They’ll also come with detachable self-calibration sensors and monitor hoods, and they’ll be able to change their settings for the environment using LG Calibration Studio software. Other hardware specifications, such as port choices, look to be comparable to those of the 2021 edition.

The monitors claim to be able to reliably display colours that encompass 99 percent of the DCI-P3 and AdobeRGB colour gamuts, as well as a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, making it difficult to find a consumer display that can match their accuracy. LG didn’t specify a refresh rate in their press materials, so we’re assuming it’s still 60Hz.

You could spend a lot of money on a screen like this and use it for gaming, but it’s not designed for brightly light areas or fast-paced action. Even with local dimming, LCD monitors like LG’s UltraFine displays and the $4,999 (with $999 optional stand) Apple Pro Display XDR we examined in 2020 couldn’t display total black like an OLED panel can.

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