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Plant Communication Possible, A New Device Built to Conversate with Plants

The long-awaited Plant Communication device is now ready to unleash itself in the markets. It is a downright fact that plant emits electrical signals to send and respond to the environment. The adoption of the communication device would change the complexion of Plant Communication. However, the signals transmitted by the plants are fragile and require electrodes to get detected.

The irregular surface of the plants makes it difficult for thin-film electronic devices to attach reliable signal transmission. Scientists from the Nanyang International University, have overcome the problem by drawing inspiration from the electrocardiogram. ECG is confoundingly used to retrieve heart abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity generated by the organ.

Scientists noted, “The prospects for the future design of plant-based technological systems, say the research team. Their approach could lead to the creation of more sensitive robot grippers to pick up fragile objects that current rigid ones may harm.”

The lead author of the study, Chen Xiaodong, claimed that climate change is threatening food security around the world. The detection of the plant’s electrical signals becomes inevitable to trace out distress vibrations and abnormalities. The agricultural culture could be enhanced if the devices get coverage to the farmers. The farmers could access the disease while the crop is being cultivated, and hence it would help in maximizing the crop yield for the population.

Scientist Chen Xiaodong conducted a trial test of the latest version of the communication device. When tested on hairy stems of the sunflower, the Plant Communication apparatus achieved four to five times the adhesive strength of hydrogel. The transmissions recorded fewer echoes in the background which maximized the strength of the signals received from the plants.

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