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Alyssa Sistrunk

A complete mix of great organizational behavior, well channelized ambitions, and self-motivated persona striving for excellence. Alyssa Sistrunk is a highly competent professional with impeccable team management skills, hawk-eyed precision at work and amazing sense of time management that has landed her in the position of Chief Editor at The TechnologyAnalysis. Her delivery is unquestionable and writing prowess is unparalleled, which also explains her role in the company as a competent technical writer as well, covering the nitty gritty of Artificial Intelligence.

Alyssa is a proficient is an adept at her job and belongs to the Science background, having completed her Masters in Physics and Electronics. With a legacy of working the writing field for a decade and a half, Alyssa has upskilled herself to deliver on-the-go, even in a time-constricted environment and with minimum budget allocation. Alyssa is credited to working with great houses both print and the electronic media. She shares and applies all her learning experience here at TechnologyAnalysis as she begins a journey in the digital platform.

Phone: +16022427398

Brian George
Sub Editor

Brian George is identified as a highly professional and dedicated employee who is extremely dedicated to the cause of exuberant performance, not only his personal achievements but also of his team. He has been working in the position of Sub-Editor here at the ThechnologyAnalysis for over three years now and has seamlessly transformed himself with every passing day. His editorial skills are highly reliable and he beautifully complements the vigor of his Editor when it comes to time management and resource handling.

Brian George is also working as a contributing author at the TechnologyAnalysis and has his niche in writing electronic device-based writing. He also has keen interests in upholding real time information about AI, IoT, machine learning and robotics. For a brief time, he has also served as a technical writer covering several areas such as aviation and defense writing where he has proved his mettle multiple times. As technology encourages and inspires him to the core, Brian also is an active blogger and has a dedicated blog with latest updates on new technological innovations. His readership and subscription numbers are growing from strength to strength.

Phone: +16022427398

Jean Michaels
Communication Devices

Jean C. Michaels is a newbie in the industry and has catapulted her career in writing with The TechnologyAnalysis. Her forte lies in technical writing and documentation, given her background in computer programming. She has been maintaining a steady performance so far with expertise in manual writing, how-to-guide, and knowledgebase writing.

Phone: +16022427398

Joseph Adkins
Internet of Things

Adkins has been working as a dedicated writer in the IoT niche and has already completed 3 successful years in the TechnologyAnalysis. He was hired as a fresher in the industry with some short internship projects that he has completed after graduation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and electronics. Post his degree he has also pursued a short-term diploma course in technical writing to establish a strong footing in the industry.

Phone: +16022427398

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