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One Plus Snubs Google’s WearOS, Launches its OnePlus Smartwatch at $159

OnePlus takes a giant foothold in the smartwatch game as it announces an all-new OnePlus Smartwatch starting at $159. The new watch has a circular design which is identical to the regular smartwatches.

It hasn’t got fantasized with the popularized rectangular design of the Apple’s I watch. The case of the OnePlus Smartwatch is stainless steel and has two buttons on the side. The OnePlus Smartwatch will be available in two vibrant colors, silver, and black. Along with all the sleekness, the OnePlus Smartwatch will be accustomed to the OnePlus WARP charge system.

The display is astounding as it comes with a 1.39-inch OLED Panel at 326ppi with sapphire glass. OnePlus ascertained that the watch should last up to two weeks on a full charge or up to one week for engaging users.

The fitness model is a significant cross hurdle by the OnePlus Smartwatch as it aims to launch new 110 compatible modes, which offer built-in GPS. It also features IP68 for water and dust resistance. Furthermore, the new series of smartwatches come up with internal storage for music through which users can store up to 500 songs.

The users can listen to these songs over their Bluetooth headsets when out for some fun, even if they don’t have their phones with them. Enticing, right? The OnePlus Smartwatch goes beyond the level of a smartwatch as it can track workouts and also monitor sleep, stress, blood oxygen saturation, and heart rate. The company before the event announced that It’ll use the RTOS-style software setup with a companion app that will allow it to connect to your phone and receive calls and notifications. The OnePlus Smartwatch can also be connected to an OnePlus TV (where available), allowing it to be used as a remote.

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