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On Job Safety and Artificial Intelligence go Hand-in-Hand

Artificial Intelligence is already a part of our daily lives, assisting us with web searches, digital assistant interactions, and even deciding what movies and TV series to watch. Artificial Intelligence is giving “tremendous prospects” in the field of worker safety. According to Jay Vietas, chief of the NIOSH Division of Science Integration’s new technologies department. It will not only be woven into the fabric of the future of work, but also into the fabric of solutions to the future of work.

Deeper insights, constant observations, and real-time alerts are just a few of the advantages Artificial Intelligence is bringing to the safety industry, helping people avoid dangerous circumstances and businesses respond to events faster. Experts note that implementing AI involves collaboration between safety specialists and other departments, such as information technology, in order to provide transparency and address privacy concerns and other difficulties.

The use of computers and/or machines to try to imitate human decision-making, problem-solving, and other talents is referred to as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine learning, neural networks, computer vision, and natural language processing are examples of Artificial Intelligence subsets. The usage of cameras that can identify whether workers are wearing their personal protective equipment is one example of a safety-related example.

The devices can be used to track employees who are working at a height and must wear harnesses. According to Donavan Hornsby, corporate development and strategy officer of Benchmark Digital Partners and the Benchmark ESG digital platform, the cameras can detect not just whether the workers are wearing their harness, but also whether the PPE is tethered. Sensors or wearables attached to hard helmets, vests, or other objects can also be paired with the devices.

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