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Nvidia Unveils New and Upcoming AI Technologies in Automotive AI and Gaming

International attendees and exhibitors participated in CES, the annual trade show successfully which successfully completed at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Nvidia also participated in CES 2022. During the show unveiled several technologies geared towards automotive AI and gaming. The company also announced its new initiatives with technology giants like AT&T and Samsung.

Nvidia during its presentation at the CES stressed on automotive AI which the company said is accelerating its performance in advancing self-driving cars. Nvidia vice president and general manager, Ali Kani discussed the challenges in AI automation as well the greatest benefits to the society. Ali Kani revealed that is working on developing technologies for self-driving vehicles.

Nvidia also announced its recent platform named DRIVE Hyperion 8 platform introduced by the company. Several companies are adopting the platform, said Ali Kani. The AI platform is embedded with 12 surround cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors, internal & external cameras and such crucial hardware. Both hardware and software of the AI platform are comprehensively tested and validated.

The platform is tested rigorously to make sure that it work efficiently in harsh conditions of daily driving. Security & safety needs and requirements of the automated vehicle are also focused while designing the vehicle. Nvidia also revealed that Chinese EV makers such as IM Motors, R Auto, Li Auto, Xpeng, and NIO have also adopted the DRIVE Hyperion architecture. Furthermore, Robotaxi services such as DiDi , Zoox , and Cruise are also about to adopt the  DRIVE Hyperion architecture.

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