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New Technology Helps Replace Faulty Communication Devices

A new firm, according to a news release, is revolutionising the way emergency responders interact. The Kingsbury County Sheriff’s Office, EMA, and the Lake Preston Fire Department have added Tango Tango to their emergency Communication arsenal, according to Ethan Fitzgerald, media expert at Flourish. Tango Tango representatives claim that this is a significant step forward in updating expensive emergency Communication equipment and will allow for better disaster preparation in the event that a mass response is ever required.

For a first responder, a radio system might cost anywhere from $3,500 to $10,000. When agencies collaborate, these radio systems frequently require the assistance of a third party, such as a 9-1-1 centre, to facilitate Communication between radio networks. Tango Tango connects existing two-way encrypted radio networks with first responders’ phones. Tango Tango enables authorities to create ready-to-use Communication channels in the event of a large-scale emergency that necessitates immediate cooperation.

Teachers at Aransas Pass High School (TX) were recently informed that a kid on school was equipped with a gun. To assist with the hunt for the student, almost 100 officers from the Coastal Bend Region responded. As he was on injured duty and didn’t have his police radio, Aransas Pass Chief Eric Blanchard, who was outside guarding a door and managing public information for parents, utilised Tango Tango to communicate with fellow officers.

As his radio could not penetrate the high school, Assistant Chief Lynn Pearce relied on Tango Tango to communicate. When equipment failure occurred, Police Network Manager David Offalter used Tango Tango to dispatch through the radio system, ensuring that the public safety response was not disrupted.

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