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New Photo Frame Setting for Google Home App

The Google Home app, which works with Google’s innovative home products, changes how people interact with photos on the app and Nest Hub devices. The improvements, which include a new Photo Frame settings menu, were first observed by 9to5Google. For example, when you use Google Home to change the displayed album while your Nest Hub is turned off, you’ll get a carousel-style UI that allows you to select from curated sets of images categorized as “Select family & friends,” “Recent highlights,” and “Favorites,” according to 9to5Google. In addition, you’ll be able to see all of the albums you’ve created if you scroll past that.

At the bottom of the page, a preview window emerges, and you may swipe through the preview carousel to see how your photos will show on your Nest Hub. 9to5 Google also points out that on iOS, the time and weather are displayed in the bottom-left corner of the preview window, whereas on Android, only the photo is visible. In addition to the new Photo Frame options, 9to5Google claims that the Nest Hub may get a new clock face option featuring the Weather Frog.

The mascot, sometimes known as Froggy, first appeared on the Nest Hub as a display option that shows the time and an animated representation of the current weather conditions. 9to5 Google discovered a new option in the Photo Frame menu called Google Weather Frog, which means you’ll be able to display Froggy alongside weather conditions and your photos, according to the app’s description. However, because the functionality looks incomplete, it’s unknown how Froggy will interact with your images whenever it’s published.

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