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New OS for Fossil Smartwatches

Fossil is the biggest Wear OS wearables maker and is planning to launch a new, premium Gen 6 smartwatch this fall. That smartwatch will run on Google’s revamped operating system for the devices.Fossil executives said that their upcoming Android smartwatches will be entirely new, featuring chips with faster performance, better battery life, and global LTE cellular options. The company plans to launch a sole premium watch, its most successful category, as its flagship under the new Wear OS. Other brands in the Fossil Group, which include Diesel and Michael Kors, will likely develop their watches.

The new Fossil smartwatch will have features similar to what Google and Samsung offer. The tech behemoths announced that they would be partnering up to create a new smartwatch operating system that aims to be 30% faster at launching apps and allows for features such as continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.

Greg McKelvey, Fossil chief commercial said that all the software benefits that Google’s talking about and launching with the unified platform are something their company will be building into that as well. The new device will have a pretty major hardware upgrade. These could include faster performance, better battery life, and more advanced health features.

The watch’s touchscreen would remain the principal way to interact with the device,while the buttons and crowns would be design flairs and shortcuts. There is some bad news if you already own a smartwatch they will not be able to upgrade to Google’s new Wear OS. Steve Prokup, the company’s senior vice president of connected devices, said the company would continue to support multiple configurations of buttons in the market at the same time.

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