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New IOS15 Update to Fix the Green Dot Defects

New Apple update IOS15 beta seems to make subtle improvements to photos by processing out the green lens flares that can show up in outdoor pictures. This feature was posted to the ios beta subreddit by Reddit user Doubleluckstur. The Verge was able to see it in action by testing with an iPhone 12 Mini running the public beta.

Many iPhone users are aware of the green dots while taking a picture. While taking pictures, the flare shows up in the viewfinder. But in the final picture, the flare is nowhere to be seen. It does seem to be the result of all the post-processing that’s done to the picture, as the flare shows up in the alternate frames that are available if you’re using Apple’s Live Photo feature.

One user reported on Reddit that they also see the green dot removal on their iPhone XS, while another says it doesn’t work on their iPhone 8 Plus. They speculate that the feature could be limited to phones with an A12 Bionic processor or newer. The feature is only available on newer phones. Some of  IOS15 features, like Live Text or Portrait mode for FaceTime, already have the A12 Bionic listed as a requirement.

Apple had not highlighted this update stage when it first debuted IOS15 at its WWDC event. IOS15 remains within the beta phase and therefore the beta phase, and that we can expect more changes and enhancements to follow aside from lens flare within the coming days. IOS15 is going to be available to the general public later this year after the corporate announces its new iPhone 13 series.

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