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New features of Amazon’s new Kindle

Amazon’s to launch its new kindle with updated features. For several years now, the Paperwhite Kindle is one of the best Kindle people prefer to buy over the standard Kindle model. This was the first ever kindle to get cool features like the front lighting, waterproofing, high resolution screen and comes with USB C-Type. This list goes on.

Today, Amazon’s launched a new Kindle priced at just $100, only $10 costlier than the previous one, but so worth it. This $100 Kindle includes features like double storage, sharper and paper-like screen and comes with the USB C-Type charging. And of course, it is cheaper than the Amazon’s Paperwhite Kindle. I mean such a deal, right? The new Amazon’s Kindle is now available for pre-ordering and will be available in stores and on site in about a month.

If we compare the new model with the old generation Kindle, the latest 11th generation model improves the pixel density to around 300 PPI, which is almost similar to the best of Amazon’s Kindles model. The pixel density makes the text appear brighter and sharper. The storage of the standard no-objective kindle has also been doubled up, now till 16 GB.

This feature is useful for people who love listening to audiobooks. The latest model’s micro-USB port is replaced by the C-Type USB Cable which means users can now charge their Kindle with the same connector they used for their mobiles or tablets.Also, this model is only $10 expensive from the previous one. But can go beyond $100 if you choose the one with no lock-screen ads.

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