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Microsoft Windows 11 latest updates

Microsoft has decided to improve the accessibility, security as well as customizing the Windows 11 The first and biggest update in Windows 11 is being released by  in all the current PCs and laptops. The free update installation will definitely enhance the computer’s accessibility, security and can be customizable according to users’ needs.

Microsoft have greatly expanded its business to exceptional level in over the last decade. Although it has acquired valuable assets like the LinkedIn Business network, Microsoft still produces more than 10% of the revenue by launching and enhancing the Windows.

The latest updates are the proof that Windows is still being modernized despite its origin dating back to 1980. In fact, it has become so much more popular than any other operating system in the market like Linux. However, after the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft is only announcing one update per year, unlike the two updates per year for Windows 10. Even after the prosperousness of Windows 11, windows 10 remains the most favoured and popular version of Windows, acquiring about 75% of the share.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has decided to stop the Windows 10 support in PCs by the end of 2025 and everyone would’ve to get the latest Windows 11 version. Currently, many companies are being reliable on the Windows 10 versions in their computer systems. The latest update in the new Windows 11 version comes with an in-built video editing software and various customizing options for the start menu. The latest update will give access to various Android applications as well.

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