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Microsoft Teams, Exchange Echoing the Repercussions from A Monday Outage

Microsoft Teams along with exchange and many others are recovering from a Monday Outage as they feared the repercussions would be intensive much further. Microsoft says it’s attempting to bring the service back on the online platform after “a recent change to an authentication system,” took some Microsoft 365 services down.

The issues commenced around 3:30 pm ET, as Microsoft swiftly surfaced the issue to the consumers who were affecting worldwide. Microsoft hasn’t been known for outages on the back of interface clashes like other companies. This was the first time a significant Microsoft Teams outage occurred since the service went back down in September.At this point, Microsoft has almost 115 million users spread worldwide, who are using its  apps every single day.

With the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, the role of Microsoft Teams has been instrumental to the corporate world to hold meetings and conferences through this app virtually.As a result, a worldwide outage like this has affected the working of millions trying to use to communicate important information to coworkers, teachers, or fellow students.Microsoft Teams is blaming the current circumstances as a basis of configuration change and depicts no default in the working capacity of the app. Azure Active Directory also experienced issues regarding this outage, and Microsoft’s Xbox prepaid codes weren’t working either.

Microsoft Teams have provided a synopsis of what might have got affected as of 8:18 PM ET, while one such denotation is-Admin portal: We’ve confirmed that the issue has been mitigated. Additionally, users may be unable to acquire, redeem, or retrieve a license for their Microsoft 365 applications via Office Licensing and other Office products.

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