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Microsoft Exchange Server Attacks, Hacked at A Rapid Speed

A significant number of attacks are being plotted every day against the Microsoft Exchange Server. There are thousands of cyberattacks targeting zero-day Security vulnerability.

Microsoft has been under surveillance by hackers for quite a long, which led to four vulnerabilities on March 2. In response, Microsoft revealed critical updates to secure Microsoft Exchange Servers for further gray patches in the system. The organizational structure of confidentiality is depleted through cyberattacks and it leads to crucial information leaks that harm the company’s integrity.

But weeks later the situation remains stranded, many organizations are yet to apply the critical updates for Microsoft Exchange Server and cyber attackers are taking advantage to gain access to servers while it remains possible.

Cybercriminals have just stepped on the accelerator and are not going to look back furthermore. According to the F-Secure analytics, only about half of the Exchange Servers visible on the internet have applied the Microsoft patches for these vulnerabilities. “Tens of thousands of servers have been hacked around the world. They’re being hacked faster than we can count. Globally, this is a disaster in the making,” said Antti Laatikainen, senior security consultant at F-Secure.

Contemplating the avoidance of cyber attacks exploiting Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities, it is suggested that the organizations apply the critical update with immediate effect. The organizations should try to enforce a strict law restraining cybercriminals to integrate into the framework so easily.

The complications are growing emphatically as even the organizations who have applied the relevant security updates do not have an answer whether the exchange servers would be Compromised by malicious hackers or not. While it’s becoming seemingly impossible to install critical Microsoft Exchange updates it’s recommended to block any untrusted connections from any outside portal.

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